Alliance Video Productions LLC was formed in 1994 and we have filmed over 2,000 weddings. 

Our mission has always been to create a masterpiece that you will cherish forever. We take the responsibility in producing your wedding video very seriously and have a lot of fun along the way. We have a very dedicated team of incredibly talented videographers, cinematographers, and editors (not all of which are pictured below). 

We stay current with all the latest equipment and technology, so the final results will blow you away. We are passionate in helping you remember the best day of your life.

Most people reading this have never been married or hired a company to film their wedding day. I understand, we will take the stress out of your decision. When you request information, we will promptly get back to you and answer all of questions and help in this important step. If you don’t know all of the questions to ask, no worries, we will guide you. We’ll help make this process very enjoyable, promise!

When you call us, or possibly evaluate other video companies (and we suggest you do), may I suggest you ask these questions. I’m sure you will discover the difference.

  1. Who will be filming my wedding?
  2. How much experience do they have?
  3. Can I see their work?
  4. Will I only receive a highlight and the unedited footage, or is my wedding completely edited?
  5. How will you plan and prepare for our important day, so the video tells our unique story? (A lot of people can make videos; it’s understanding the importance of planning that makes the difference)

We would be glad to answer all of these questions and whatever else comes to mind. You deserve to know, and you deserve the best! We can take as much time, or as little, as you wish. We can meet in person, email or speak over the phone, whatever works best for you. You can find other answers to commonly asked questions on our FAQ page. After looking things over, contact us to get the ball rolling.

Meet Our Team

Tom Johnson

A little about Tom:

“Wow! What a fantastic experience we had with Alliance Video in the filming of our wedding. Tom went above and beyond to accomodate our needs both leading up to the wedding, the day of, and post-wedding. We had our video completed in a very reasonable amount of time and Tom was available to answer any questions along the way. The day of the event, we were so thrilled with his work that we asked him to stay a few more hours than originally planned! We cherish our wedding video and would recommend Alliance in a heartbeat.”

Patricia & Stephen (married on 9/28/19)

  • I’d much rather make movies than watch them, just ask my wife.
  • I believe that you become what you think about.
  • I love song lyrics, but I consistently sing the wrong words, and you don’t want to hear me sing.
  • I was “born to run” my own business. I’ve been to more Bruce Springsteen concerts than any other musicians, combined.
  • I love creating memorable moments and seeing other people’s stories come alive.
  • I believe in burning calories at the gym in the morning, so I can spend them on good food in the evening.
  • I believe that it’s important to change before being forced to change. Change is not just good, it’s necessary. Change simulates growth and if you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  • In my opinion, the only channel worth watching on TV is any sports channel. I love my Philly sports teams.
  • I love that first sip of hot coffee in the morning and a cold beer on a warm summer night.
  • I believe in making the most of every moment and making a difference.
  • In the words of Abe Lincoln, I believe a commitment transforms a promise into reality. Staying committed, and doing what you say, is very important to me.
  • I actually enjoy making the bed in the morning.
  • The greatest gifts in my life are my wife and kids.

A little about Jay:

“Jay was absolutely great! I was reluctant to have a videographer because I thought they would get in the way but he captured our special day without being intrusive. He even helped our photographers with his amazing vision. So happy I chose Alliance!”

– Erin & Brian (married on 10/7/18)

  • If you do not know me, you’ll say I’m quiet. If you do know me, you’ll say I’m not quiet.
  • Sometimes I would rather smile than speak.
  • When it comes to creativity I always gravitate towards originality and uniqueness. That’s why two of my favorite bands are The Roots and Rage Against The Machine.
  • If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life it would definitely have to be The Goonies.
  • I have always considered myself to be a wanderer and explorer which is why I have traveled throughout 3 different continents. Top of my list, Machu Picchu.
  • One of my goals in life is to write a book. The Alchemist, Life of Pi, and The Great Gatsby are three of my favorites.
  • Constantly working on my beach body because I live for the beach.
  • One of my favorite quotes is by Andy Warhol, “I think everybody should like everybody.”
  • My first live sporting event was a Phillies game, and they’re still my team.

Jay Garrison

Zac Johnson

A little about Zac:

“Zac and Alliance Video were phenomenal. We have already seen a sneak peek of their work and it blew us away. Zac was super professional and made sure to capture each moment of the day. The use of the drone also provided some breathtaking images. I highly recommend Alliance to anyone searching for a videographer. You will not be disappointed.”

Sydney & Colin Mcgivney (married on 12/10/2019)

  • Friendly, Driven, and Trustworthy is how I’d describe myself in 3 words.
  • I love the mountains and the beach; skiing, surfing, views, freedom etc.
  • I love sports; football and basketball are my top two (and yes, I love Philadelphia sports) GO BIRDS!!
  • I believe that there is no greater wealth in the world than having peace of mind
  • I do my best to maintain a positive attitude in everything I do; not taking anything for granted. Life is too short to not be grateful!
  • I get a great feeling of satisfaction when helping others
  • I love music and editing, it is a big part of what I do on a daily basis
  • When watching movies or TV, I often think about ‘what I would do differently’ if I were editing it…
  • I strongly value relationships with my family and friends, which is one of the most important things to me in the world.

A little about TJ:

“We are so happy that we chose Alliance Video Productions to capture all of the moments of our special day! Tom was so easy-going and did an amazing job capturing our personalities as a couple. At our first consultation, Tom encouraged us to enter a giveaway for a drone, and to our surprise, we won! We had the opportunity to get flying lessons from Tom and TJ which was so much fun! TJ also flew a drone on our wedding day and we are very excited to see all of the "birds eye" shots he was able to get. Our biggest surprise was getting our wedding day highlight video while on our honeymoon - we cannot stop watching it! All of our friends and family have been constantly raving about how perfect it was and how it made them cry. It has only been a couple of weeks since the wedding day and we are really looking forward to watching the final video! We will surely cherish this video for years to come and we cannot thank Tom and TJ enough for all of their hard work. My husband and I 100% recommend hiring Alliance Video Productions for your wedding!”

Laura & Dan (married on 07/27/2018)

  • I am a HUGE fan of fruit!
  • Outgoing, reserved, and positive is how I would describe myself
  • I believe that in life you should, “live the life you love and love the life you live” -Bob Marley
  • I know it’s weird but I like to eat raw spaghetti
  • The biggest thing that I value in life is my family and relationships
  • One of the most relaxing and enjoyable hobbies I have is fishing
  • My love for nature and the environment is what influenced my pursuit of an environmental science degree
  • My favorite food is seafood but sadly have recently became allergic to shrimp, lobster, crab, and probably all other shellfish but I try not to let myself believe it!
  • In my opinion creating films is like no other job
  • I am a certified scuba diver and plan on getting higher certifications in the future
  • My favorite sports are basketball and football.
  • If I had to pick my last meal on earth it would be a pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich, (in other words a PEC), with buffalo sauce on the side!

TJ Johnson

Megan Schmidt

A little about Megan:

“Alliance Video did an AMAZING job capturing our special day. Zac and Megan were able to get all the important, special moments and we are so thrilled with our Highlight video (which we just got back today and I can't stop watching). We highly recommend booking Alliance for your special day!”

Jessica & Jordan (married on 12/01/2018)

  • My hobbies include hiking, gardening, and reading, and sketching.
  • My favorite foods are chocolate cake and Brussels sprouts.
  • I’ve always enjoyed science and art which is why I went to school for Engineering and Film.
  • My favorite quote is “All we have to do is decide what to do with the time that is given to us.” – Tolkien
  • I love listening to old music that tells stories. Frank Sinatra, the Beatles, and Cat Stevens are 3 of my favorites.
  • My ideal rainy day is rereading my favorite books in a cafe.
  • I love editing because I get to tell stories with video.
  • I believe in living generously and sharing your gifts with others.
  • In the words of Edmund Burke, I believe that “nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”